New Year’s Eve Letter

Dear R,

This is our second Christmas as a family of 3. And what a strange time its been since our first one. I would love to write this and not have to use the c word. I would love to write this and talk about the friends you made at creche and at the child minders. I would love to write this and talk about the day trips we took, the places we went; the visits we had with Granny and Grandad, your aunts and uncles and cousins.

I would love to write this and talk about the experiences we had together, where we went, what we saw. I would love to talk about your first trip to England to see your grandparents there and meet your extended family. I’d love to write about how you fared, if we went by plane or boat or whatever mode we decided to take. But I can’t because of the year it’s been.

But I can talk about how we had endless days together just the three of us at home. I can talk about the confidence you’ve built, how spending time with me and Dad has helped you become independent and brave and oh so silly. I can talk about the bond you and Dad have, one that you never would have had if it weren’t for covid. You two have had months at home together and you are both the better for it.

I can talk about the fact that when you wake up at night it hasn’t been too much of a big deal, because working from home isn’t quite as taxing as working in the office.

I would love to be able to tell you that your first birthday was a huge affair,  with family and cake and bunting and gifts. But in reality,  it was a small cake with your family all on a Zoom call singing to you and talking over each other.

You may not have had the opportunity to make friends at a creche or with a childminder,  but spending all this time at home gave us the opportunity to know our neighbours, and you now want to see Ge-ge (George) anytime we walk past his house.

We may not have been able to take as many trips as we would have liked, but you don’t know any different. A walk around the neighbourhood is as exciting for you as anything else. And if we walk past the construction site, your day is made. The builders know you now and wave and beep their horns when they see you. You haven’t quite worked up to waving back yet, but you will. I am sure of it.

You haven’t many clear words yet, but you definitely take after me and could talk the ear off anyone willing to give you the chance.

The difference is you would buy and sell them before they know its been done.

We all three will see this year out tucked up asleep in our beds (I hope), and tomorrow will be no different for us than any other day. We will play and read and laugh and try convince you that there are toys you can play with besides the hoover.

You have made what could have been an awful year a wonderful one, and I will look back on 2020 fondly, because you have been in every moment. And any moment spent with you is a joyous one. I cannot wait to see what 2021 holds for us. And for you, I hope it is full of wonder and excitement and all the diggers you could wish for.

Love, Mum Xxx

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